Welcome to the Parishes of

St Columba’s & St Malachy’s Catholic Churches Halifax

Parish Priest:  Monsignor Michael McQuinn (Fr Michael)

Deacon: Rev. Sean Elliott

Pastoral Assistant: (St. Malachy’s) Sr. Anne CP.





For anyone in the Parish wishing to get more involved in the CAFOD ‘climate rosary’ and thinking about using the CAFOD bidding prayers and getting involved in the Harvest Family Fast Day talk, please find below the link to the video on the CAFOD in Leeds Facebook page:



Congratulations to our lovely reader and server Amarachi and her class from St Mary’s School who celebrated their Confirmation at St Mary’s Church.

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide each of you according to the path that God has set out for you. We express our thanks to Fr Kelly, the parents, teachers, sponsors and everyone who has taken time to help prepare our children to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Catholic Care – A Celebration of Our Year

The year 2020 was unprecedented, a year like no other previously experienced and one which hopefully will never be experienced again.  The Charity faced challenges from all directions but thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff it kept all the pre-pandemic services open, sometimes by delivering in a different way.

If you would like to know how and what the Charity achieved please read the attached brochure ‘A Celebration of Our Year 2020’.


Covid Pandemic Adjustments from 19th August:

Please continue:

  1. To sanitize your hands on arrival & departure
  2. To wear a face covering while rates of infection are high; many parishioners have indicated that they feel this is important for them to feel safe in church
  3. To use the “X” cards to indicate where you have been seated and to sanitize the church after use
  4. To leave every second row vacant


  1. Singing is permitted but we are asked to phase it in slowly over the summer period and face coverings are to be worn while singing
  2. We will begin re-using the Lectionary instead of single sheet papers. Readers are asked to use the sanitizer provided before and after reading
  3. Votive candles in the side chapels are being made available
  4. Communion will be distributed in your places.